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High quality, distinctive Japanese green tea cultivar
Healing, antioxidant beverage
Delightful notes of green tea sweetness
Infused with spring harvest flavors revealed in every brew
Kyo no Tsuyu means the "Dew of Kyoto" - a wonderful mellow flavor

Sencha "Kyo no Tsuyu"

  • Sencha means 'Simmered tea" and refers to a method of processing, where the green tea leaves are picked, steamed, and rolled into needle shapes, and then air dried. The tea leaves are picked from open-air tea gardens that are fully exposed to sunlight. This process imparts a glossy appearance and a sweet vegetal flavor. The aftertaste is subtle and pleasantly refreshing. Sencha is a very popular type of green tea in Japan. It is rich in natural nutrients, with an abundance of 'catechins' which are a powerful form of antioxidant, associated with good health and ant-aging, since ancient times. These catechin polyphenols are a part of the molecular family of flavonoids, which are secondary metabolites in tea plants. Although they are not essential for plant growth, they are vital for good health. The awakening and re-vitalizing benefits of green tea, especially in the morning, are widely known in Japan, where it was originally introduced as a beverage for health and well-being. Sencha "Kyo no Tsyu" in Japanese, echoes the experience of "The Dew of Kyoto", in this brand of Sencha.

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