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Tea Soiree

Purveyors of the Way of Tea

Ohori Koen Garden - Fukuoka, Japan

Way of Green Tea - an elemental ingredient, of a holistic approach to well-being.  The interdependent nature of the elements of well-being are revealed by exploring life as a whole. Reminiscent of the term "Joomla", which is a powerful, open-source content management system, derived phonetically from the Swahili word "Jumla" implying something taken "as a whole"

Oobuchi tea field and Mt. Fuji, Shizuoka, Japan

Japanese tea ceremony - "chanoyu" or "sado". A choreographed ritual of preparing and serving tea, and tea laced confections.

Reflections in aesthetics. 

Courtesy: Artelino - Japanese Woodblock Prints​

History of Green Tea – Origins in the Kyoto region

It is widely believed that Eisai – a Zen monk – brought the first green tea seeds from China to Japan in 1191 A.D. The seeds were planted on temple grounds in Kyoto. Eisai is believed to be the first to have introduced the process of grinding the tea leaves entirely into a powdered form for brewing a green tea beverage as an integral aspect of Zen philosophy. This marked the birth of the exquisite Japanese tea ceremony. He wrote the book "Kissa Yojoki" meaning "How to Stay Healthy by Drinking Tea" in the year 1211 A.D. It is homage to the profoundness of simplicity and elegance – a reflection of the sophistication of nature – in the unfolding moments rendered in time and space.

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