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High quality, premium Japanese green tea
Anti-aging supplement for a holistic lifestyle enhancement
Stress management supplement
Natural detoxifier
Promotes mindful living, weight management, and energy enhancement

Matcha "Kyo Mukashi"

  • Matcha is a conjugation of the two words: "Ma" meaning powder and "Cha" meaning tea, in Japanese. This form of green tea, is grown in the shade, deveined and stone ground into a fine green powder. As a result of its pristine nature, it is rich in nutrients consisting of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and catechin based anti-oxidants. It is a jewel of ancient tea ceremonies in Japan. It is widely believed that the first green tea seeds were brought to temple grounds in the Kyoto area, from China by Myōan Eisai - a Japanese Zen Buddhist monk - in 1191A.D. Eisai is credited with advocating the Zen philosophy - mindful living - in Japan, where the ground and powdered form of green tea became an integral part of a Zen-oriented lifestyle. The tea ceremony, with Matcha as its jewel, celebrates the profoundness of simplicity and elegance. It is a recognition of these attributes in the here and now, as moments unfold. Matcha tea provides a pathway to bridge mental alertness and calmness simultaneously. The highly integrative benefits of Matcha tea are being revealed by the evolution of modern science, through a variety of studies that confirm the experiential findings of the ancient sages. Researchers have validated the enormous benefits of catechin anti-oxidants in green tea. Matcha green tea is an embodiment of these benefits as a concentrated protocol.

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